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Dessert Cocktails

Posted on: October 8th, 2016 by liz

Smores– 1 oz Vodka, choc sauce, cream, graham cracker rim, float lg marshmallow and flame (marshmallows should be soaking in 151 rum)

Cotton candy: 1 oz Vodka, 1/2 oz chambord, white sauce puree, cream- garnish with small cotton candy on a swizzle stick

Gummy Bear:- 1 oz raspberry Vodka, lychee puree, cherry puree, sour mix, 

Bubble gum: 1 oz Bubble gum Vodka, cream, 1/2 oz Bubble Gum syrup (Monin)

Dessert- tinis

Cinnamon bun:-  1 oz Vodka, cinnamon syrup, caramel syrup,, heavy cream, brown sugar and cinnamon rim

White choc caramel-tini- white choc syrup,  caramel syrup or sauce, heavy cream, vanilla vodka

Crème brulee tini-instant jello custard, vanilla, frangelico, crusted topping

Bananas foster-tini-, vodka, heavy cream, banana puree, caramel syrup, topped with egg whites- maybe caramalize

Bananas flambé-tini- Banana puree, banana liqueur, heavy cream (vanilla vodka)

Baked Alaska-tini- White sauce, heavy cream,( vanilla vodka), beat egg white with sugar and put a dollop on top

Banana Split-tini- Chambord, rasp puree, banana puree,- rim with sprinkles and add slice of banana garnish

Pralines and Cream-tini  , caramel sauce, heavy cream (vanilla vodka, and frangelico white chocolate sauce

Cookies n Cream-tini- choc puree, vodka, white choc vanilla syrup, garnished with a vanilla frosting rim with crushed cookies

Jamoca almond fudge

Peanut butter and jelly-tini- frangelico, grape puree or raspberry puree, half and half rim with crushed peanuts

For peanut butter cup make choc and frangelico or hazelfnut syrup in a peanut butter glass, with choc rim and reeses pieces in stem!

Pink cloud-tini- Raspberry puree, cream, chambord or vodka, rim with silver leaf

White cloud-tini-Almond milk, coconut puree, , (vodka with puree, or coconut rum solo), dash of half and half garnished with white coconut rim

Bling-tini-heavy cream, lemon vodka, coconut cream,(pina colada) dollop of whipped cream with a silver leaf rim

Silver cloudtini-vodka, goldschlager, cream, rimmed with silver leaf

Blue lagoon-tini- Blue curacaoo or blueberry syup, pineapple juice, vanilla vodka, lychee puree,, poured into a blue chocolate glass

Nutella-tini-, choc syrup, frangelico, vanilla vodka, half and half

Fruity- tinis 

Passionfruit-passionfruit puree, vodka

Just Peachy- Peach puree,  vodka, peach scnapps,

Apricot-apricot puree, vodka

Blackberry- blackberry puree, vodka

Blackcurrent- blackcurrent puree, vodka

Guava- guava  puree, vodka

Lemon Cream- Lemon puree, citrus vodka, half and half, rimmed with lemon sprinkles

Lychee- lychee puree, vanilla vodka, pineapple juice, garnish with a lychee fruit

Blueberry?- blueberry puree, vodka

Cosmo- cranberry juice, lemon vodka, triple sec, lime juice

Pear- vodka, pear puree, dash of half and half

Watermelon, -watermelon pucker, vanilla vodka,, splash of pineapple

Passionfruit sunset- Passionfruit puree, pineapple juice,  vanilla vodka

Strawberries and cream- Strawberry puree, vanilla vodka, half and half

Strawberry Banana- Banana puree, strawberry puree vodka, half and half

Coconut Mango- Mango puree, Malibu, coconut syrup dk rum coconut rim

Mango Madness- Mango puree, white peach puree, vanilla vodka

Strawberry Fields- Strawberry puree, strawberry vodka, coconut milk, cream

Very berry strawberry

Cherries jubilee- vodka, cherrie puree, spash of pineapple juice, or splash of half and half

Chocolate- tinis 

Choc orange-tini- Orange vodka, choc puree, splash of choc syrup, splash of cream rim with irradecent orange sugar rimmer

Peanut butter chip-tini-choc puree, frangelico, splash of vanilla vodka, rim with crushed ressee pieces

Choc hazelnut-tini – chocolate puree, frangelico, hazelnut syrup, vanilla vodka

Snickers-tini franglelico, heavy cream, choc puree, rim with crushed nuts

Mounds-tini coconut rum, coconut puree, choc puree, vanilla vodka

Twixtini-choc puree, caramel syrup, vanilla vodka, splash frangelico

Oreotini-choc puree, vanilla syrup, vodka, crushed oreo cookie rim

Choc raspberry-tini- Dk choc puree, chambord or rasp syrup, stoli rasp

Ginger Chocolate-tini- Ginger syrup, chocolate puree, brandy

Cherry chocolate-tini morello chocolate puree, chocolate syrup, rasp vodka,splash of cream

White choc raspberry-tini- Rasp puree, white choc syrup, cream, rasp vodka,

White choc coconut-tini vanilla extract, white choc syrup, coconut rum or coconut syrup, white chocolate godive

Choc coconut-tini- chocolate puree, vanilla vodka, coconut rum, or coconut syrup. Rim with coconut

Mint Chip-tini-Vanilla vodka, green crème de menthe or mint syrup, cream, add choc chips. Rim with cocoa

Chocolate truffle-tini-vanilla vodka, chocolate puree, choc chips, cream, with chocolate rim

Cake- tinis

German chocolate cake tini-vodka, chocolate puree, coconut syrup or coconut rum, splash of cream, garnished with a coconut rim.

Raspberry cheescake-tini Rasp puree, chambord, rasp vodka, heavy cream

Strawberry cheesecake-tini Strawberry puree, evaporated milk, strawberry vodka. Rim with graham cracker crumbs.

Vanilla Bean decadance- Vanilla vodka, vanilla extract, white chocolate vanilla syrup, cream

Double chocolate cake-chocolate vodka, chocolate puree, chocolate milk, shaken with a cocoa rim

Coffee and tea- tinis

Green tea tini- green tea powder, cream, vodka

Chai tini- chai mix, cream, vodka

Cappacino-tini-godiva cappacino, vanilla vodka, cocoa cappacinio rim

Mocha tini- Godiva cappacino liqor, choc puree, dark rum

Caramel Frappatini- godiva white chocolate, illy espresso liquier, caramel sauce

Latte-tini- illy expresso liquer, cream

French vanilla- vanilla vodka, powdered french vanilla coffee, cream

Pie- tinis 

Apple pie-tini apple puree, caramel sauce, apple pucker, vodka

Key Lime Pie-tini Lemon puree, sour mix, triple sec, vanilla vodka

Lemon meringue pie-tini:lemon puree, lemon vodka, dollop of egg white, graham cracker rim

Pear Cobbler- tiniAbsolut Pear, pear puree, caramel syrup, cream

Blueberry pie- tin iBlueberry puree, caramel syrup, blueberry vodka, garnished with a pie crust rim.

Chocolate mud pie-tini- vodka, chocoate sauce, chocolate chips, splash of cream, with a pie crust rim

Holiday- tinis

The snowflake-coconut rum, cream, vanilla, vanilla vodka, dollop of egg whites and rimmed with iridescent white sugar

Gingerbreadtini- Gingerbread syrup, cream, vanilla vodka- Rim with crushed gingerbread

Eggnogtini- vanilla vodka, egg nog, small splash of cinnamon syrup

Cinnamon heart- cinnamon syrup, cinnamon schnapps, vanilla vodka

Bar Candy

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Sparkle Truffles by Bar Candy

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