Are you looking for something special, unique and luxurious to offer your guests at your wedding or high-end event? Guests will rave about PATENTED BAR CANDY EDIBLE CHOCOLATE GLASSES long after your guests have gone home. Enjoy your champagne, cocktail, or dessert, and then eat the glass! AVAILABLE IN 5.5 oz regular size, or 2.5 oz mini. The glass resembles a champagne flute. A mini martini glass shape is also available at special request. THE MOST POPULAR WAY TO USE BAR CANDY IS BY FILLING WITH CHAMPAGNE OR PROSECO.

Chocolate Champagne Glass by BAR CANDY are a luxury add on for Weddings, Events of all kinds, Candy Buffets, Champagne Bars, Chocolate Bars, Specialty Cocktail Bars, Bat and Bar Mitzvahs, Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties, etc.

Bar Candy® patented edible champagne/dessert glasses are made from the highest quality Belgian chocolate, and made to order. Bar Candy® Chocolate Glasses are a luxury item and geared towards events. They are the perfect vessel in which to serve sweet endings- from luscious desserts to sparkling bubbles or cocktails. Mess free holders are available in glass or disposable plastic. Chocolate edible varieties range from dark, milk, white, and white chocolate marbled. Swirls also range in color to match your event theme.  Bar Candy® will steal the show, as they are the first of their kind, offering a parade of color and elegance. Bar Candy® was nominated for BEST NEW PRODUCT by BIZBASH in New York, and Los Angeles. The chocolate glasses are mess-free, and can stand at room temperature for hours on end. Refrigerate for weeks to months. Durable enough to hold liquid and desserts without melting or losing form. CONTACT US FOR RECIPES Perfect for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Personalization available. Logos can be adhered to, or printed on the holders. Kosher available.