In the rooftop bar of another of NYC’s Gansevoort hotels, Gansevoort Park, we wait for Liz Green, founder and owner of Bar Candy. Exactly what is Bar Candy you ask? Well not a new NYC hotspot although you’d be forgiven for thinking as much. No something much more delectable than that… Bar Candy is a genius conception that will revolutionise the humble cocktail forever. Like something straight out of Sex in the City, Bar Candy is candy for your cocktail!!
Picture the scene, in walks Liz Green the epitome of NY style, tall, sun kissed and effortlessly beautiful, upon greeting us she takes us up to one of the many Gansevoort Park rooftop bars where lying in wait are rows and rows of bespoke cocktail glasses… the twist, they’re all chocolate baby! – Say what? Shut your mouth! (insert the appropriate reactions here)