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Case count 48.

 CONTACT US FOR PRICING. Pricing is determined by amount ordered, frequency, and wholesale. We offer impeccable personal service, and we take time to offer ideas, recipes, etc. We want your Bar Candy experience to be unforgettable.

The luxury Belgian chocolate cones are heavy and are crafted with a large amount of chocolate. Our patent allows the chocolate to come out of the holder about 3 inches allowing the guest to drink and bite the chocolate simultaneously. The holder allows a mess free experience. We now offer a 2.5 mini sampler version. Regular size holds 5.5 oz  HOLDERS ARE INCLUDED (Disposable or Glass)

BAR CANDY® chocolate cones are heavy and durable, to withstand holding liquid and dessert for up to 20 hours at room temperature without melting (please keep out of direct sunlight or heat). Standing alone, the cones with last for days without refrigeration, and with refrigeration for weeks and months. Therefore a large amount of Belgian chocolate is required to make our cones. BAR CANDY® is a luxury chocolate item and therefore is priced accordingly.

 The highest quality Belgian Chocolate BAR CANDY®  is made to order that day, and shipped overnight. Mix and match flavors are available. Please allow about a 1-week lead-time. Rush orders available upon request. BAR CANDY® is packed with the utmost care. Packing ice is used in the summer months. Overnight Shipping